Lucky fortune cat

The Lucky Fortune Cat slot machine is one of the most popular Asian-themed games on the Internet. It draws its inspiration from the traditional white cat, which is a symbol of luck in Japan. Like other similar releases, the Lucky Fortune game is meant to appeal to rich Asian markets. The bright, colorful design and Anime-style characters make this a slot game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys playing video slots. This Asian-themed game is full of features and fun special features, including a wild and scatter symbol that can substitute for any other symbols on the reels. Its highest paying symbol is the lucky fortune cat, so be sure to keep that in mind.

The paytable on Lucky Fortune Cat is relatively simple, but the payouts are intriguing. It provides examples of cash rewards for one credit bets. The icons are classic card icons reimagined in colourful Chinese calligraphy. Basic combinations can bring you two to 40 credits. There are also a few bonus symbols that can increase your winnings. In order to activate these bonuses, you must first sign up for a personal profile and choose your paylines.

The paytable for Lucky Fortune Cat is straightforward but offers interesting payouts. There are example cash rewards that can be obtained from a single credit bet. Various symbols are reinterpreted as colorful Chinese calligraphy. The payouts range from two to forty credits. While this game is easy to understand, it is best to practice playing before deciding on a stake. It is also a good idea to try your luck at using the bonus features available.

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